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Do you have an authentic, inspiring, or uplifting story inside of you, that is ready to get out into the world?

If you’d like to be included in one of our upcoming books, you’ll contribute approximately 300 words. If you aren’t ready and need assistance in writing your story, we can help with that too!

A Daily Gift of Gratitude

Sharing stories of Gratitude.

A Daily Gift of Hope

Sharing stories of Hope.

A Daily Gift of Kindness

Sharing stories of Kindness.

Praise From Some of Our Readers

A Daily Gift of Gratitude:
A Collection of Stories from Grateful Hearts Around the Globe

The Best Reminder of The Power of Gratitude!

Although designed to serve as a daily reminder of how “Gratitude” is the foundation for Peace, Tranquility, and Joy in our Life, I spent the last four days reading the entire book”…[read more]”
Johnny Tan

Johnny Tan
Amazon Review

What a wonderful book.

I love how the author chose well written stories from every different walk of life. Each story challenged me to have gratitude no matter what the circumstances may be. I am hoping that this will be the first in a series.
The Grateful Hearts Community

Lauren Kretzer

Amazon Review

Wonderful way to start the day!

This is a well written book full of insight and inspiration.
The Grateful Hearts Community
Ginger S.
Amazon Review

Best Book Ever!

This book has transformed my life from being miserable 24/7/365 to being fully grateful for everything and never to take life for granted again.”
The Grateful Hearts Community

lucia Murphy

Amazon Review

HIGHLY RECOMMEND! An honor to Co-Author!

“An absolute treasure of a book. If you are looking for the perfect reason to keep going.”…[read more]
The Grateful Hearts Community

Vincent A. Lanci

Amazon Review